We cannot deny that the help you provide is hard work, there will be lots of laughter and the experience will be like no other; it is rewarding and for many volunteers life-changing.

Short term volunteers

Most of our volunteers are residential (meaning you live at the centre for the whole time you are volunteering with us). Residential volunteers usually help for a week or two at a time. The weeks run from Saturday to Saturday.

Long term volunteers

Revitalise have opportunities for long term volunteers, which means that we welcome enquiries from people looking for a 6 month placement or longer.  These placements are great for students looking for a (cheap!) GAP year experience. Please be aware that places are limited and some restrictions may apply.

Daily or occasional volunteers

Helping in your local Revitalise centre, on a daily basis, whenever you can, can be a tremendous support, especially when helping on the day and evening excursions. You can also help in the gardens, shops, bars or with guest support in the centre. There certainly is a lot to do, giving you plenty of variety.

If you live within easy reach of one of our centres and sometimes have time to spare (maybe you’re retired, or work part-time) that you would like to put to good use then get in touch with your local centre directly and they will be happy to discuss your options further. You can find centre details in the Our centres section

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team for any further information – call 0303 303 0163 or email volunteer@revitalise.org.uk

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Volunteer FAQs

If you haven’t already found out all you need to know about volunteering with us, these FAQs may help you get the answers you need.

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